All-in-one The whole hotel management
in one solution
Freedom Regain your time
managing your property remotely

Choose the automation level
that best fits your needs
Sustainability No fixed costs
No initial investment
Ease of use Our software suite
allows you to manage everything
from one,
easy to use
and accessible web portal
Efficiency Make your clients happy by taking care of details
while our system deals with management procedures


Make your clients happy

Customer-centric hotel

Open 24h

Easy check-in and check-out

Full digital experience

Real-time pricing

Manage your property online

Integrated hardware and software solution

Automated system

Easy to install and use

Simplify your hotel management

One code from booking to check-out

Cut your costs

No investment

Cut your fixed costs

No other software costs

Optimize your staff

Boost your efficiency

Boost your revenue

Use all digital sales channels

Reach new customer segments

Differentiate your offer

Smart pricing

Get higher occupancy rates

The impossible made possible

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Our story

Sometimes the best ideas are born unexpectedly. That is precisely how Ant@ptima, specialized in developing software for the optimization of logistic and business processes with the support of artificial intelligence, designed the first cybHotel prototype. It all began in 2013, when one of Ant@ptima’s founders bought a hotel and a revolutionary idea popped into his mind:
– What if the whole process of running a hotel was automated?
– Would it be possible to manage it remotely?
– Could all this be done via smartphone?

Today, our proud answer is: YES

Our market

In recent years, the tourism industry has been abuzz with changes. The rise of Online Travel Agencies such as, Expedia, Airbnb, Hrs and many others has made this market more competitive and transparent than ever. Price, customer experience, digital reputation and services offer are now key factors of the structure marketing positioning and must be constantly updated.

In fact, they have become the deciding elements of the customer’s choice of accommodation. Potential customers have a clear overview of the competitive landscape, the hotel is directly compared to similar facilities and being on the web is a must-have option.

Our evolution

The hotel industry is constantly evolving. New hotel brands and formats are being created all the time. Facilities increasingly tend to specialize on specific customer targets or specific types of tourists. For example, Boutique Hotels focus their communication towards high-end consumers, offering exclusive services, luxurious decor, cocktail lounge, etc. Long-stay hotels, on the other hand, focus on low price, comfort and security. CybHotel never falls behind: it embraces the transformations taking place in the hotel industry and is a key player in its evolution.

Our vision

Hospitality is a dynamic industry, that's why hotels need a well-defined marketing vision to focus on differentiating their brand, understanding and meeting their customers' needs. Nowadays, self-service systems such as the ones offered by airlines, airports and access controls are increasingly common: the best way to stand out from all other offers is hotel automation.

We can help you make it happen.

Our product

CybHotel is an integrated hardware and software system for hotels automated management. It relieves staff of administrative burdens, allowing it to focus on taking care of customer service and reception. You can decide your hotel’s level of automation and pricing differentiation according to the service provided. CybHotel is able to manage the customer stay from booking to check-out without human intervention: the result is a significant decrease in management costs, a lifesaver in the highly competitive industry of hospitality. Click here to find out more.

Our advantages

A free hardware, remuneration based on stays (no fixed costs), high customization, modularity, flexibility, integration with digital channels and the possibility to remotely manage your hotel are just some of the advantages of choosing cybHotel. Our network developers will gladly introduce you to the Hotel 4.0 era and show you the potential of our All-in-One system. Thanks to cybHotel you will project your hotel into a new dimension of digital hospitality, where your business will never fall behind and will be constantly up to date. Contact us: you won't regret it!

Easy to use.

Your customers can book and access rooms in just a few clicks.